Cloud Suite Marketing; why you should synchronise your website with your sales, stock and business processes…

At the enterprise level,  websites and backoffice systems are perfectly synchronised, however full enterprise solutions are often prohibitively expensive to implement and maintain, beyond the reach of most smaller businesses who have existing legacy systems. This is where Montpellier’s Cloud Solutions come in to play, linking your physical business with your website.

Is it for You?

  • Are you selling stock online?
  • Are you are managing a subscriber base or membership?
  • Are you are selling to the trade online?
  • Do you use websites to manage your customer CRM?
  • Do you provide online archives and research services?
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CloudShop isn’t simply one system but a suite of systems which deployed together integrate your online shop with your physical business. Every business is different and CloudShop allows your online shop to be moulded to your way of working.

Integrate with Sage to avoid needless double entry of records and produce pro-forma invoices for trade orders and intelligent multi buy discounts and offers.

Cloud Catalogue

We recently created the searchable collections database for the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. As a part of their newly designed website, thousands of artefacts catalogued with location and condition reports are linked together with written historical records.

Cloud Customer Management

Manage your customer accounts entirely online with individual member content and secure access. A recent example includes recording of gas and electric usage for each customer with up-loadable meter readings, associated reporting and customer billing.