Museum website, research portal and collection management system.

The museum is the regimental museum for the Gloucestershire Regiment and Royal Gloucestershire Hussars and traces history back to 1694.

As well as the front end website and online museum shop the site also acts as a portal for research into the regiments soldier records database from pre 1900’s through to the present day. With link ups to items in the collection to soldiers records in the database.

The museum relies on a dedicated group of volunteer researchers and helpers to manage the collection and we have also built the collection management system to track and monitor the condition of the items in the collection. This has been built to be tablet friendly to allow researchers to work out in the field with superuser oversight before final publication.

Click over on the right for the web link to the live site, or for a quick tour around one of the portfolio pages click the video below…

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum collection management and soldier search database system. Backend Portal for staff administration with user control and super use oversight.

SkillsWeb Design

Montpellier created an iPad app specifically for the Museum’s research team to be able to catalogue and manage the collection as well as carry out offsite research into Soldier War Records. The app live saves data to avoid any loss of date due to a break in connectivity. All content is scheduled for approval by a superuser.